The Journey that is “In My Own Moccasins” Helen Knott’s Memoir of Resilience


There is a lot of strength that comes with the ability to be vulnerable.

Writing to Create Space

In the Introduction of her memoir, Knott specifies that the purpose of her writing is not to educate people on the impact of violence, racism, and colonialism in the lives of Indigenous women.


Knott’s writing consists of descriptive imagery; she uses the literary devices of metaphors and symbolism to convey her feelings and experiences with addiction and trauma. In some instances, there is also a description of figures that pertain to Native spirituality and ways of being.

Indigenous Womanhood

Knott’s memoir holds an unfortunate amount of instances of gender-based violence. Her experiences with addiction and trauma relate to her experiences of not feeling like an adequate family member, friend, or mother to her son.

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